• Bored controlling your LEGO Mindstorms robots

    the same old ways?

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    An innovative smartphone app that helps you control your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robots in the most intuitive ways!


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  • Why iRobot?

    Control your Lego Mindstorms robots using the most innovative techniques!


    Tap Instructions

    Tap the action buttons to make your robot do what you want it to do


    Speak Instructions

    Speak out to make your robot do what you want it to do


    Message Instructions

    Message (send SMS) to make your robot do what you want it to do

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    iRobot is brought to you by LateraLogics Innovations – a technology startup led with a vision to leverage our passion, creativity, and knowledge to create technology solutions that can transform lives.

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    We’re a growing team of passionate individuals on a mission to change the way people live, learn, work and play by offering them technology solutions that are most innovative and cost-effective. Our focus is on bringing out desktop and mobile applications that serve as solutions for our everyday problems.

    We offer a host of services that include:

    • Off-the-shelf Mobile Apps
    • Custom Mobile Apps Development
    • Training
    • Consultancy

    More details are available on our company website: http://www.lateralogics.com

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